Saturday, June 4, 2016

100 Percent Pure Review and Promotions

I just adore 100 Percent Pure. They have the most pure, organic and all natural line of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. Formulated with high performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils, 100 Percent Pure products also improve the health of your skin in the long run.

In this look I've created I'm using the following: 

Fruit Pigmented Sex Kitten Palette
Colors in this set: 
Sexy - soft candescent with peach undertones
Allure - a pink apricot
Risque- glimmering champagne
Provocateur- grey periwinkle
Cat Eyes- Eggplant with a hint of silver

I used Allure on the cheeks, Sexy as an highlighter where I wanted a glow- tops of cheeks, the brow bone, and inner corners of eyes. Cat Eyes served as a liner and I blended Risqué and Provocateur on the lids. 

Maracuja Mascara: Blackberry

This mascara just smells so lovely and gives great volume and drama while holding your curl.  Maracuja oil, pro-vitamin B5 and other conditioners strengthens for healthier lashes.  Colored from black tea leaves, berry and cocoa pigments. 

Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick: Calypso* 

A bright happy color that is semi matte. This is an anti-aging, super moisturizing lipstick concentrated with pomegranate oil, shea butter and colored from fruit pigments to keep lips super soft and youthful. Antioxidant and vitamin packed. 

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*gifted to me
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All About Passion: A Conversation With The Goofy Mermaid Mari Draughon

Blogging about beauty is a funny thing. There are so many delightful products to test and review and pretty makeup looks to create. But beauty to me is about so much more than pretty products and looking great. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with those things. I think beauty is so much more broad though. I think being beautiful means kindness and compassion. I think being beautiful means love, loving people, including yourself. I think being beautiful means being passionate and seeking inspiration from the world, which is filled with beauty, around you. 

I've been fortunate enough to get to know many friendly faces from the green beauty community on Instagram and one of the first friendships I've struck up is with the beautiful Mari Draughon of The Goofy Mermaid. We began FaceTiming and talking about the things we loved, the things that inspired us and the things that made us come alive. I especially cherish these conversations, because I think every good friendship should involve connecting on the things that sets your soul on fire and inspiring each other to dream and aspire and to live life passionately. So even though I live in Southern California and Mari lives in south Florida, we got the chance to talk about life and passion and inspiration. 

The things Mari shared with me about passion struck me as profoundly beautiful and I wanted to share some of these things because I think part of the journey of life is about finding your passion, nurturing it, and sharing it with the rest of the world. Sometimes we forget this in our existence when it's filled with chores and bills and running around getting things done. And if that's you, I wish I could invite you into my living room, pour you a cup of tea in a pretty china cup and share this conversation with Mari with you and hope you will find your own passions reignited. And if you desire to continue this conversations or have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them below. We would love to continue this conversation with you. 

Michelle: What are some things you are especially passionate about?

Mari: There are so many things! I am passionate about my relationship with God, my marriage, about growth, fulfilling my life’s purpose. I also have a passion for the less fortunate.

Michelle: Those are some very beautiful things you are passionate about. And there seems to be a common thread in that perhaps all those things are part of fulfilling your life's purpose. I think life without purpose can be very lonely and purpose and passion are often closely linked. How did you come to realize some of your life's purposes? How would someone else who is seeking for their own purposes go on this journey of discovery?

Mari: I agree, life without purpose is just a going through the motions, it’s death. By practicing more love, awareness, and mindfulness have I been able to realize some of my life’s purposes. The best way to start this journey is to wake up! I mean really wake up! Start asking the big questions, “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?”, “How can I Serve the world?” and continue asking them and eventually the answers will be Provided.

Michelle: How do you nurture passion, keep it alive and use it to inspire you to act on it?

Mari: If anything it is passion that keeps me alive! It inspires me to love, to grow, even to breathe. I get anxious just thinking about being without it. However I don’t believe that I can take credit for any of my passion. I believe that it is God who keeps it burning inside of me. I just have to continue pursuing Him and he does the rest.

Michelle: I love that you say passion keeps you alive! I do believe that and I believe also that passion is God given. How do you pursue a relationship with Him?

Mari: Lots and lots of prayer, but conversational prayer. I am literally in conversation with God all day long. I wake up and thank Him for the day (even if I’m not feeling it), I hand him over all of my thoughts, problems, and joys throughout the day, and at night I thank Him again for my beautiful life (again, even if I’m not feeling it, because even on bad days, it’s still beautiful). Of course I also attend church a few times a month, read daily reflections, listen to God-focused audio books, etc.

Michelle: How do you have the courage to really purse your passions?

Mari: It may sound cliche, but my courage comes from God. I fought the idea of God for such a long time and it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I had this life-changing encounter that brought me back to Him. Before that encounter I was lost, angry, and destructive. When you’ve lived like that, without passion, and then you all of a sudden you’re filled with it, it just moves you. And the thought of being idle, of not pursing your passions, becomes much scarier than doing nothing about them.

Michelle: I think it's totally true that not pursuing your passions is scarier than going after them! Can you share a little bit of your life changing encounter? And of what led to this change for you?

Mari: I am pretty private about my conversion experience, especially since it is really so personal, so I won’t go too much into detail. My husband, Josh, and I were completely broke when we got married, so it wasn’t until our 1 year wedding anniversary that we could afford to take our honeymoon, so we celebrated in Kauai, Hawaii. Josh and I are not really the agenda kind of people, so instead of planning out each day, we would just drive around until we found something that attracted us to stop and explore. Well on our 3rd day on the island, we were driving around and stopped on a deserted road where we had encountered two men, one of whom was playing a hand carved flute while leaning against their car. They left us when we arrived and soon after returned, striking a conversation with us. A conversation that forever changed my life. I left that conversation full of tears and anxiety, but the kind of anxiety that you experience as the result of an ego death (we go through many in our lifetime). I knew that the man with the flute was a messenger and he even acknowledged this by providing me with “one last message” (his words) before we left. Although we certainly had a vocal conversation, this man somehow had a completely different conversation with my soul and I just knew. I knew that God wanted me to stop fighting him; I knew he wanted me back, that he wanted to save my life. As soon as Josh and I got back into the car, I cried hysterically and told him that I could not live another day continuing to deny God, so I didn’t.

Michelle: Sometimes we have dreams that we never act on and they end up drifting to the back of our minds. Has this ever happened to you? How do you reignite passion?

Mari: Yes, it has. About 10 years ago I had a dream that I thought would never become a reality for me, so I let it go. This dream has recently resurfaced and I now realize that it is one that I can accomplish through The Goofy Mermaid. I won’t share the dream because its materialization is still in the works, but I believe that by giving up the fight, by finally Trusting and allowing myself to be moved by the small daily passions, that I have opened myself up to receiving the beautiful gift of this dream coming true.

Michelle: I totally think too that sometimes we have to let go of our death grips on our dreams. Sometimes when we hold on to things too tightly, there is no room for them to breathe or move.  It's wonderful that you have grown from these deferred dreams. Sometimes we can feel so entitled to our dreams coming true instead of recognizing that it's all a gift. How do you deal with disappointment and letting go and not let it leave you bitter?

Mari: The day I accepted Christ, I put my life in his hands. If something doesn’t work out, then I just trust that it doesn’t serve my higher purpose. Through that I am able to find peace in the situation rather than holding onto disappointment.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Isa's Restorative: Liquid Gold Facial Serum, Blue Beauty Balm & Matcha Mask

Isa's Restoratives is a skin care line I've been wanting to try for a while so I was really excited to connect with Isa and try some of her products. She is super knowledgable about natural skincare and the science behind it and this is the basis for her passionately created products made in small batches in Brooklyn. Many of the herbs she uses are locally harvested, some straight from her very own backyard!

I had the pleasure of testing three of her products which I used for a month: Liquid Gold Facial Serum, Blue Beauty Balm, Matcha Face Mask and a Jade Gua Sha Stone.

Liquid Gold Facial Serum

This gorgeously golden colored serum features an abundance of protective and regenerative rain forest sourced oils and butters. I applied this serum over my face, neck and décolleté area after using a toner and the formula absorbed really quickly on my skin leaving it soft, moisturized and glowing. It claims to be a youth preserver that addresses discoloration, sagging and inflammation and a glance at the ingredients leaves no doubt that it genuinely does so.

Maracuja (passion fruit) is full of nourishing unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in vitamins C and A. The linoleic acid rich oil is deeply moisturizing and helped my skin achieve a silkier texture the more I used this serum. The passiflorin contained within maracuja is a wonderfully relaxing aromatic substance that helps with anxiety, improves sleep, and reduces stress and fatigue. Murumuru is an added moisturizer with an abundance of potent antioxidants. Cupuaçu butter helps restore the skin's natural moisture and elasticity. And sandalwood further helps support elasticity. My favorite quality to this serum though comes from the sources of rose, patchouli, sandalwood and neroli which makes it so romantically scented. I feel like a golden bohemian princess everything I applied this serum.

Blue Beauty Balm

This balm is so creamy and beautifully colored I was hesitant to even dip my finger into it. But once I did the experience was so luxurious I was glad I put it to use. I applied this balm after a toner and the liquid gold facial serum. My skin felt especially supple right away. This formula also features cupuaçu, which is a super fruit from Brazil. It is a highly moisturizing and balancing ingredient that also reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity. Babassu kernel oil is deeply emollient and gently moisturizes. Blue chamomile reduces inflammation, redness and stress. Carrot seed also moisturizes while providing benefits to damaged and aging skin. This balm just felt so calming to apply because of the color and texture and scent. It melted into my skin so beautifully and felt like a nourishing experience every time I used it.

Matcha Facial Mask

I love anything that fights against free radical sun damage and this matcha mask addressed my concern with its high antioxidant content. All the ingredients worked together with the same goal to help protect and restore the skin. Gotu kola boosts collagen production and decreases inflammation. Butcher's broom brightens the skin complexion.  Amla is loaded with vitamin C providing even additional antioxidant protection. I used this mask by mixing 1 teaspoon of mask powder with 1 teaspoon water in the rock water lottery treatment bowl and I painted it onto my face and neck with the vegan brush. A few time I also added honey to the mix. Tea can also be added for extra benefits. I left it on to dry, which took about 15 minutes. Then I rinsed it off and followed up with toner, serum and balm.

Jade Gua Sha Stone

Whenever I had some extra time in the evening I would use this pretty stone to apply the serum and balm. It's a healing and cooling tool that aids in the absorption of whatever you apply and it also helps break up facial tension and stimulates circulation. I found it to be extra relaxing when I took the time to apply everything with this stone. Definitely a fantastic discovery in my book.

Isa's Restoratives products are so lovingly handmade, featuring the most thoughtful ingredients. I've only been using them for a month and already I can feel my skin soaking up the benefits and becoming softer and more supple. I'm excited to see the more long term results and the delightful time of using these beautiful products is so soothing and luxurious to me, it will be easy to keep up the routine.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mahalo Skincare: Pele Mask, Vitality Elixer & Mahalo Balm

I love Mahalo, if only for their beautiful packaging, but they also have the most luxuriously delectable and effective products. Today I want to focus on the Mahalo trio: Pele Mask, Vitality Elixer & Mahalo Balm. Los Angeles winters are mild but the air is definitely a little drier and that's been affecting my skin. I've been using this trio though faithfully this winter and the combination has been keeping my skin refreshed and moisturized.

Mahalo Pele Mask

I use this about once a week by mixing the powder mask with equal amounts of water in the beautiful Mahalo turquoise bowl with a brush. The mask activates by swelling and bubbling and then I apply it all over my face and neck. I leave it on for about 30 minutes and it takes a little bit of elbow grease to remove because particles get stuck on my skin but with a good cotton washcloth, it does scrub off and then ta da, the most delightful feeling when my freshly detoxified face is revealed. It really does appear as though I just had a facial.

The effect is no surprise when you consider the mask is made up of 26 high-performance ingredients that are certified organic or wild harvested. Volcanic ash clay, raw cacao, black lava Hawaiian salt, papaya, hibiscus, and a host of other gorgeously island ingredients contribute to the mask's transforming abilities. Goodbye tired skin, hello refreshed, radiant glow.

Mahalo Vitality Elixer

This gorgeous gold facial serum is for the morning and nighttime. I use it after I clean my skin by pressing a few palmful drops of the Elixer into my face and neck. I'm only been using this for only a little while but already my skin looks more moisturized and glowly. This serum is filled with omega-3's and antioxidants to help combat aging and environmental damage. Polynesian Tamanu and CoEnzyme q10 makes this a super oil that is ultra luxurious.

Mahalo Balm

This golden balm is so moisturizing and good to patches of dry skin. I use this after the Vitality Elixer and apply it sparingly all over my face, neck, and décolleté. It melts on my fingertips and is oh so lush on my skin and helps regenerate my complexion with turmeric, macadamia oil, Tamanu oil, rosehip oil, beeswax and a variety of good for you ingredients that add up to 23.

This Mahalo trio is definitely high performing and I'm so glad I'm using them because the experience is soothing and calming and the results are exciting to behold.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

RMS Beauty Lip Shine - Bloom & Sacred

My favorite lip product for this dry Los Angeles winter is definitely RMS Beauty Lip Shines because they are so moisturizing in this season. And they add a bit of color and shine to my lips. So it's almost a three in one product for me: balm, color, and gloss. Which is perfect because who has the time to layer on three separate products?

I also like that the lip shine is not too glossy, it's just a touch of shine and that's how I like it on most days. And they really nourish your lips. Organic castor seed, coconut, and Buriti oils are so rich in nutrients. Cocoa seed butter and beeswax are also so hydrating.

This emollient lip shine is so easy to use and I always keep one in my purse for touch ups during the day and I have to say my lips are in so much better condition from using these. They used to be cracked dry in places and now they are soft and moisturized, which is just lovely.

My favorite shades are Sacred, the red color with a gentle hint of pink, which I use when I want more pop, and Bloom, the sheer petal pink with a hint of shimmer, which I use when I want a more natural look.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Earth Tu Face Skin Stick & Botanical Perfume- Geranium + Vetiver

I was so excited to try both the Earth Tu Face Skin Stick and the Botanical Perfume in Geranium + Vetiver because I love a good sultry scent and this was exactly that- heady, botanical, intoxicating. Also, the botanical perfume was a solid balm encased in a shell and who doesn't find that irresistible?

The Skin Stick is a best seller. It is a multi stick herbal balm for the face, lips, body, anywhere you can think of. To sum up what it does is hard because it does almost everything. But if pressed, I'd quote Earth Tu and say if offers protective hydration. Besides providing moisture and protection, it is also a healing balm. It is formulated with medicinal herbs to deal with all kinds of skin issues. Chapped lips, cuticles, irritations, you name it. The impressive ingredients list backs this up: organic olive oil which is rich in essential fatty acids moisturize, pure beeswax does so too, but is also healing, Vetiver root helps rebuild tissues and reduces the look of scars, geranium calms irritations while lavender calms inflammation.

You can use this as a lip balm, a hand cream, a cuticle cream, an anything cream to heal chapped areas and even help skin rashes. My favorite uses with this one is to use a dab to smooth my eyebrows and to apply a tiny bit onto my cheekbones to highlight them. I love the healthy glow it gives to my face when I use it for this purpose.

The Earth Tu Face Botanical Perfume is so delightful. It is a handmade blend of geranium, vetiver, ylang ylang, lavender, patchouli essential oil scents. To sum it up, it smells sultry and confident to me. Additionally, it is a super aromatherapy treatment. Smelling it calms and soothes me. It happens to also be soothing to the skin. Organic safflower oil, beeswax, vitamin E makes this a concentrated moisturizer and a great scar minimizing cream. I love the whole ritual of applying this perfume. The sight of the shell makes me smile and opening it allows me to delight in the whiff of the delicious scent, which makes using this perfume so appealing.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

100% Pure Caffeine Mask

There's many touted benefits to caffeine. It is anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation, reduces redness and soothes sun damage. I was really excited to try 100% Pure Caffeine Mask after learning all this about caffeine and see for myself if it is really worth the hype.

In addition to caffeine from green coffee, green tea, and Yerba mate extract, this mask also boosts of Hyaluronic Acid, bearberry extract, seaweed collagen, and vitamin C. The mask itself is made of a material called "hydrogel" which is made of 95% organic aloe juice and 5% plant cellulose.

I applied this mask after I freshly cleansed my face. I placed the mask on my skin and found that the mask was hard to adjust so that it fit as perfectly as I wanted it to. The slits didn't sit right over my eyes and mouth. But I trooped on. It definitely felt a little cold at first and a little strange. I wasn't able to move my face around too much otherwise I risked the mask falling off even more.

As a side note, my husband thought the way I looked with the mask on was hilarious. He took pictures of me and posted one on his Instagram with the caption: "moisturizing facial mask or Silence of The Lambs?" It got a lot of laughs for sure.

So after being looked at like I was a serial killer, I sat quietly and watched the latest Mission Impossible while I hung out for a while. The hydrogel is suppose to help deliver the active ingredients in the mask onto the skin and it gets thinner the longer it's left on as the moisture gets absorbed. So the longer the mask is left on, the better the result. I was tapped out of being limited in my movements by the mask after about 20 minutes.

I removed the mask and revealed my newly caffeinated face and found that it was very moisturized. It felt like there was a layer of serum on my skin so I rubbed it in. I took a look at myself in a mirror and noticed that I definitely looked more awake and more glowly, which was exciting. My skin was incredibly soft to the touch, which always makes me a happy camper. With these positive results after just one use, I am quite sure I am going to be caffeine masking it again.